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Nature-Inspired Wedding Cakes

There are many ways to decorate your wedding cake to fit with your wedding theme. But what if it’s just a good ol’ traditional wedding without much of a theme or color scheme? Well, there are nature-inspired design ideas that you might find suitable. Or if you’re throwing a seasonal wedding, you can celebrate it with a nature-inspired cake.

Wedding Cakes Inspired by Nature

Options are limitless when it comes to cake design and decor. You can ask that your cake is made in a form of a bird’s nest, a tree trunk (birch is very popular) or painted with imagery of a green forest or mountain peaks. You can decorate it yourself with some branches or succulents, pine cones, or green plants depending on the season and look you’re after.

When it comes to winter wedding cakes buttercream classics can easily imitate icy snow-covered look. Add granulated sugar or coconut flakes for a fresh snow look, you won’t even need any help from your baker.

Snow blizzard wedding cake

Wedding cake

Coral-decorated cake

Birch wedding cake

Swamp painted cake


Mushroom-decorated cake

Mountain painted cake


Forest decor cake

Dinosaur cake


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