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Lace Cakes Can Look Very Different

Trends are everywhere these days but if you’re into classic stuff when it comes to wedding lace and buttercream cake might be the first things that come to your mind. But why not make things a bit more interesting and not combine the two?

Lace cakes have become a popular trend in recent years. The wedding creations sport appliques that would make many dresses fall at the seams with envy. But if you think they all look similar, look again.

Lace cakes can look really different depending on the lace style and color combinations. And the choices are limitless. You can do a classic white on white buttercream cake but you can also go with beautiful color combinations like turquoise and gold or purple and copper.

Different-Looking Lace Wedding Cakes

Wedding lace cake design

Wedding lace cake in grey

Wedding lace cake in cream

Wedding lace cake in gold


Wedding lace cake

Wedding lace cake in mint

Wedding lace cake in coral

Wedding lace cake in purple

Wedding lace cake in blue

Wedding lace cake in white

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