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Key Wedding Traditions You Cannot Skip

wedding-ceremonyWedding day belongs to those moments in life that you wish to last for a long time. The memories about this big day will last forever in our hearts and minds. I would advise the brides to enjoy the moment and try to remember every single detail of their wedding including the taste of the cake, smile on the groom’s face and smell of their wedding bouquet since everything will run really quickly before they have time to enjoy it in full.

Another thing you should consider- this is your wedding day and you two have to decide on which wedding traditions to follow and which should be skipped. I guess your grandmother and mother will insist on including the traditions from their youth, but it is okay to avoid things you really don’t like and come up with your own rules.

However, there are out of time elements that make a wedding celebration a true wedding. Let’s take a look at them!

Timeless wedding traditions you cannot skip

Key thing that stands behind any wedding ceremony is community including family members, friends and of course bride and groom that unite in order to admit their commitment to each other. Family members and your friends are the ones who will support and accompany you in the new status and new life as a married couple, so try to please them during your wedding day too. In fact, the sum you spend on your wedding celebration and the elaboration of your wedding decorations are not as important as the fact of sharing your happiest moment with people you love and respect.
There is a tendency seen that more and more weddings are held in other places than the church and the ceremonies duration is getting shorter. But the ceremony is still the essential part of any wedding. Sure, it is not as fun as celebration, but it is still important to have that touching moment when all guests’ eyes are directed on you two saying your speeches.
“You may kiss the bride”- this cherished phrase is probably the most awaited moment in your wedding ceremony. So, if you decide to avoid the ceremony, you won’t have this magic moment of the expression of your love. This moment adds romance and tender emotions to the entire ceremony. Besides, wouldn’t you want to be kissed by the person you love?
There are no certain rules on celebrating your marriage. You may either opt for the cake and punch party or have the full-blown party or go for the celebration in-between. Regardless the type of celebration, try to keep up with traditions and give every guest the chance to interact with the bride and groom since it is their first chance to get to know you. Then let them enjoy the results of the continuous planning: partying and celebrating.
Speeches provoke ambiguous impression on guests: while some speeches are really worth of listening, especially those 3-minute ones that tell the sincere stories about the couples history with adding the fun moments that incite smiles on everybody’s faces, others could be a real humdrum. But speeches should still present on your wedding reception.
Wedding-toastThese 5 things are vital in setting the wedding day that will remain in guests’ minds for a long time. One more element to consider is sending the paper invitations rather than e-mails since it adds the feel of grandeur and importance to your celebration.


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