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Ideas for the Winter Wedding

winter-weddingAs a rule the popular movies impose us the ideal image of the weddings that tend to take place in summer. But in fact the winter weddings could be just as stunning, chic and romantic as the summer ones.

Besides, the snow will add a magical feel to your wedding celebration. Believe me, it is easy to make your winter wedding a wonderland with our useful tips.

Ideas for the winter wedding

Winter wedding attire
The winter wedding is a unique chance to array yourselves in the old Hollywood-inspired attire. Just imagine your groom wearing the tailcoat, while you put on the long white wedding dress along with the white fur mantlet. Don’t forget to complement you look with the diamond or diamond-like jewelry.
You will probably want to take the stunning wedding photos outside. Consider wearing wraps, capes, shrugs or coats in the white or ivory hues. Another way is opting for the wraps in the bold hues that would match your wedding bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. Make sure your brides are also dressed properly.
Winter wedding venue
The venue with a fireplace will become a great winter wedding location. If you plan a large celebration, consider choosing the historic mansion or private club with the warm ambiance inside. In case it is a state in the north, try to avoid the place with the large picture windows.
Don’t forget to figure whether you venue provides any decorations, since the major part of the sites are already richly decorated on the threshold or after Christmas. Also figure whether the location is well heated during the colder period.
Winter wedding menu
There are no special requirements to the winter wedding menu, so you can stick to your favorite dishes. The only thing you may add the winter touches such as a squash dish or the pumpkin soup. You may also serve the eggnog and hot chocolate. As for the wedding cake, consider having the total-white cake embellished with the snowflakes, silver patterns and mastic figures.
Winter wedding flowers
You have got plenty options to choose from: it could be either the classy silver and white wedding color theme, or the bold red and green. Dusty miller, silver-dollar eucalyptus and baby blue eucalyptus will add the silver hue, while the white roses, football mums, crocus, lilies and stephanotis will make up the white hue.
As for the bright color theme, you may use the red roses along with holly and pine-tree greenery. The seasonable flowers like tulips, roses and ornamental berries are the budget-friendly options.winter-wedding-ideas

The décor for your winter wedding
Use the low-cost white poinsettias in the table centerpieces or consider placing the white pillar candles on the pine branches for the true winter feel. Hang the twinkle lights around the doorways and pillars, on archways or use them against the background. Another inexpensive and nice option of table centerpieces are the bowls with floating candles inside.
Winter wedding favors
If your wedding takes place before the Christmas holidays, consider using an ornament as a wedding favor. If you are looking for inexpensive DIY wedding favors, the jar of hot chocolate mix or hot cocoa mix makes a perfect wedding favor. The snow globe with the newlyweds inside or the Christmas cookie with your names stated are other wedding favor options.
Special nuances
Crystal wedding bouquet will create the true wintery feel.

Use the carriage with horse as the wedding transportation to the reception area.
Embellish with the small Christmas trees.
Warm your guests with the hot chocolate or coffee once they enter the ceremony or reception area.

Ice sculpture is the perfect way to adorn the reception entrance.

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