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Ideas for the Tropical-Themed Wedding

Romance boosts in the tropics, what make the tropical-themed weddings so in demand among contemporary brides and grooms. If you have been dreaming about the wedding in the relaxed ambiance on the beach, then the tropical wedding is the way to go. Also consider the option of beginning your beach-side honeymoon getaway with the tropical wedding. Regardless the fact whether you plan to have the real beach wedding or simply stage the one indoors, you will anyways enjoy the laid-back atmosphere on your wedding day.

Ideas for the tropical-themed wedding

Caribbean theme
Consider creating the custom-made invitations with the shells, sand dollars and tropical flowers. As for the favors, prepare the beach-themed buckets loaded with the beach signature attributes like sunglasses, sunscreens or simply shells. Bridesmaids could wear the outfits in the tropical hues like yellow, lime green, orange or simply blend all of them in one look.
As for the flowers, opt for the bouquets with the tropical blooms in the hues that suit the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses. You may stick the shells to the bouquet for adding the true tropical feel. Island music like calypso will ideally suit your tropical-themed wedding reception, while limbo competitions and island dancers will make the perfect entertainment program. The wedding menu may consist the range of seafood, fruits and multicolored cocktails.
Polynesian theme
Make sure to provide each wedding guest with the flower lei as he or she enters. As for the bride’s apparel, you may replace the traditional fancy wedding dress with veil and tiara on the informal gown in the Polynesian style with the floral garland on the neck and the flower-embellished hairstyle. The bridesmaids may opt for the dresses with the floral patterns in the bright hues.
As for the wedding menu, consider serving the Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahiti and New Zealand national dishes on your wedding reception: pulled pork, range of breads, fresh fruits and vegetables along with the colorful drinks. Book the Polynesian or Samoan fire dancers to entertain your guests.
Mermaid theme
Under the sea wedding reception theme is the ideal way to amaze your guests with the spectacular celebration. The bride can perfectly imitate the mermaid look with the gown with the mermaid silhouette, which has a tight fit on the top and then flows away at the knees area.
As for the hairstyle, consider having the all-down wavy hairstyle pinned with the flower. The groom, in turn, may wear the tuxedo or suit in the blue shades. When it comes to the bridesmaids’ dresses, they may also opt for the blue color in order to suit the sea theme. Use the lightweight blue material complemented with the tulle for the airy affect for decorating the venue area. Utilize the shells in the table centerpieces and place them in the strategic places.

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