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Ideas For Beautiful Wedding For Two

Dream of having an ultimately intimate wedding ceremony with your beloved? There are so many ways to organize one. And at times you don’t even have to organize anything. Here are a few elopement plans we’d like to share with those who want only the closest person at their wedding.

Beautiful Wedding For Two

Elopement Package

This is a great plan for those who wants to marry in a city/location other than their own. In many cases you get a hotel suite to get ready for the ceremony after which you get a cake. Marrying at the city attractions can be more unsual and exciting. You can continue celebration at the restaurant or by walking around your favorite city. This can be the most traditional wedding still if that’s what you want.

Hot Air Balloon or Plane Wedding

But you can also go for more unusual options if you want your wedding ceremony to be extra memorable. A hot air balloon can be both exciting and romantic a venue. You can share this moment with your new spouse and then arrive in same hot air balloon to the reception to celebrate the big day with your family and friends.

On Water

If air isn’t exactly your element, you could marry on a gondola or yacht while enjoying the calming glide on a Venecian canal or waves of the ocean.

Unique Nature Spot

Those couples who love traveling to exotic places and locations can choose their favorite nature spot in any corner of the earth as their venue. You get to marry out in the wilderness and travel more around your favorite location during honeymoon.

Historical Architecture

If you want to bring class and a bit of history to your wedding ceremony opt for a historical building that you like or to which you have a sentimental connection.

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