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How to Wow Guests with Welcome Bags



Don’t you like the idea of receiving the welcome bag once you check in the hotel? Isn’t it nice to open the bag with the lovely items inside once you get to your room? The welcome bag is an ideal way to do an honor to the traveling guests. So, I came up with the 5 ideas of the welcome bags inserts that will surely gladden your guests.

Original Ideas of the Welcome Bags Inserts


In case you plan to have a lot of traveling guests that spend the entire day on transportation, they will probably like the idea of taking a shot before the celebration begins. So, the simplest way to please them is putting the few mini bottles of wine in your welcome bags, so they don’t have to bother with the liquor store search. It shouldn’t be necessarily expensive type of wine, especially taking into consideration the sum they spend on traveling to your place.



Another way to still thirst among your traveling guests is including the water bottles in the welcome bags. They will definitely feel tired after the long journey, so the bottle of water will keep them hydrated, especially if you want them to dance all night long. Believe me, nobody wants to pay the fortune for the water from the mini fridge in the hotel.


Assorted nuts

Everybody wouldn’t mind to eat some snacks prior to the celebration beginning, so consider providing your wedding guests with the mixed nuts. Nuts are not only delicious, but also nourishing, so your guests won’t feel hungry till the festive. You may include in your welcome bags the pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, cashew and salted almonds, which could be packed either in the small boxes or the cloth bags. In case some of your guests have the allergy on nuts, consider replacing them with the biscuits.


Breakfast voucher

Breakfast voucher is probably the best thing you can give to your guests as a welcoming gift. Provide each guest with the voucher on the breakfast sandwich from the hotel along with the drink like coffee or juice.  Your guests will definitely appreciate your care.


City map

The major part of the weddings fall on the weekend, thus your guests will definitely want to combine the festive with some sightseeing. So, it would be nice to include the maps of the city where your wedding takes place as well as the list of the sights like the museums, theatres, parks, cafes and malls.


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