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How to Throw Modern ‘Traditional’ Wedding

Modern weddings are so different and diverse but many people still go for the classical scenario of ceremony, reception with dancing and film watching, and sometimes they throw and afterparty. It’s understandable that if you want to honor your religious rituals and ceremony and also have guests then a destination wedding or elopement wouldn’t work for you. Here we try to modernize a traditional wedding keeping the ceremony and guests.

Since we’re keeping the main tradition of ceremony, let’s focus on reception. If the tired scenario of having a dinner, taking a picture, and playing stupid party games doesn’t seem attractive to you it’s time to shake things up.

Couple in front of Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck at the WeddingGo Buffet

No seating plan, no dinner table manners, nothing boring like that. Go with buffet, an open bar, or a food truck for your reception. Create a big lounge area for your guests to sit down, rest their drinks, have a convo, and eat their food comfortably.

Go Rural

We recently wrote about a picnic wedding. This is a great way to celebrate after an official ceremony. Sit on grass, or by the campfire, enjoy the outdoors, and contemplate the views.

Wine Tasting

Instead of serving appetizers make your guests try wine tasting. This is a great ice-breaking conversation-starting activity to make your guests get acquainted and socialize. They can even choose wine they want to have with their dinner.

Retreat WeddingWine tasting

You don’t have to go far to have a destination wedding. Just book a nice retreat not far from your location and stay for a weekend. They usually have plenty of entertainment for guests so you wouldn’t have to think a lot about that. Just make sure to learn about all the fees and additional costs and make sure your guests know all the details about the place.

Other traditions that make a wedding boring and unmodern are the bouquet toss, all the different parties and showers, walking down the aisle, and taking off garters.


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