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How To Throw A Wedding Ball

With Met Ball in the news it made us wonder about ball-like wedding celebrations. Would they be like an ultimate princess dream come true? Such reception would definitely feel more festive and special than a regular sit down dinner. You can hire a classical ensemble not only for the ceremony but the entire ball. Enjoy old-school etiquette, impeccable table manners, and well-dressed guests that are so true for this very old form of reception.

Ballgown by Mak Tumang
Mak Tumang wedding gown

Put It Into Invitations

Make invitations clear and instructional. Not everyone might have an idea what to wear or how to behave. Set a dress code (make it a bit modernized if you want to) so that everybody looked the part. Women should wear ballgowns or at least evening dresses while men tuxedos and dress suits.

If you want you can make it a themed ball just like Met Gala so that you could have fun with decor as well as the dress code.

Learn Some Dancing Moves

If you want an old-school ball you’ll have to learn some classical dancing moves like waltz, at least for your first dance. If your guests have no idea how to dance they can mingle and talk while others can show off whatever moves they’ve got.

Reception Dinner/Buffet

A ball can have either buffer or dinner. It will depend on what style you choose. A sit down dinner will make it a bit more formal while a buffet ball will have guests walk and mingle a lot especially if you encourage them to come dance. You may even hire a professional to show them a couple of moves right there so they felt more comfortable coming to the dancefloor.

Modernize It

Surely modern times are way more relaxed for many etiquette rules to apply strictly so you can do away with formal introductions and curtsies if you find them awkward. But if your guests are on board with the idea of a ball many things like political conversation, poetry and music numbers, and fancy dancing will make an amazing difference from a usual reception.

Surely, gadgets and phones would hinder conversation so you should discourage guests keeping them at hand’s reach and on the opposite show them all the things around they can truly enjoy like beautiful dresses, art, music, dialogue, and good food.

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