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How to Prevent Wedding Dance Disaster

The major part of couples want their wedding dance to be just like the one in the fairytale: the beautiful princess and her prince elegantly slither across the dance floor. However there are couples that want to make a fun performance out of their first dance. Regardless whatever option you like more, it requires a lot of time and efforts to make an impressive dancing performance. These simple tips will help you to avoid the potential wedding dance embarrassment.

How to Avoid the Wedding Dance Embarrassment

Take dance classes

If you and your fiancé cannot be characterized as the talented dancers, the ideal way to obtain the confidence and necessary skills is taking the dance classes. It could be either the group class or the individual lessons that will allow you personalize your wedding dance. Simply look through the yellow pages for the nearest dance studios or check with the local Parks & Recreation Department.


Watch the wedding dance videos

In case you don’t feel comfortable dancing among the big amount of people or you simply cannot afford taking the dance lessons, consider learning how to dance with the help of the tutorial video. There is the great variety of wedding dance instructional videos on YouTube.

Avoid wearing heels

The common sense tells us that wearing the six-inch heels will probably increase the chance of twisting your ankle or falling into the wedding cake with your face, however some brides still opt for the high-heeled shoes. Believe me, the ballet flats are the best footwear for the wedding dance. As for the grooms, make sure the sole doesn’t slip on the waxed floor when buying the wedding shoes.


Don’t drink too much alcohol

Despite the fact that alcohol will boost your self confidence on the dance floor, it still could play a trick on you. So, it is better to limit the alcohol intake before you get to dance your wedding dance.

Pick the right song

Keep in mind that the faster the song is, the harder it is to keep up and thus you will make one mistake after another. However, if the song is too slow, you guests will get bored on the second minute of your swaying.


Practice thoroughly

Try to dedicate a lot of time to practicing your first dance. Even the couple minutes of practicing in between the wedding ceremony and reception will increase the chances of amazing everyone with the striking wedding dance. Besides, it wouldn’t be an extra practicing on the actual dance floor of the reception venue in order to figure the space limitations.

Tips on the wedding dance

Besides the staged wedding dance, dedicate some time to practicing dancing with your fiancé to the modern melodies.

In case you don’t feel comfortable dancing alone on the dance floor, consider surrounding yourselves with other dancers.


It wouldn’t be an extra evoking in the memory the highly popular dances like the Macarena, Chicken Dance, YMCA.


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