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How to Plan the Home Wedding

home-weddingIn case you have the limited budget, but still want a stunning wedding celebration, home wedding is the way to go. Home weddings have the raw of pluses: first of all, they are not expensive; second, they guarantee that intimate special atmosphere you cannot meet anywhere else. For instance, a lot of public couples tend to have their weddings at home since it provides the essential privacy.

But there is a one big minus of the home weddings- limited space. Thus it is important to plan well for the comfortable wedding celebration.

How to set the home wedding

Step 1
Think out what is the best area in the house for accommodating the wedding ceremony and the amount of people is can fit. Don’t forget about the vendors that require some space as well.
Step 2
Talk to the vendors and figure whether they will agree to work in the house. Make sure to discuss the specific accommodations for them and the additional fees, if needed. The same principle applies to the wedding officiant: he can ask for the transportation or housing in case he is located far from your house.

Step 3
Invite the inspector to check your house and make sure that the wiring and structure is safe enough to holding the wedding in order to avoid the risk of the fuse blowing.
Step 4
Figure what is the maximum number of guests that your house can accommodate. Examine your guest list and see whether all of your guests could fit. If not, consider either cutting the list or finding other venue. Keep in mind that wedding vendors like caterers, musicians, videographers etc require both additional space and electricity. So, it is essential to ensure that your home can provide all of them with the necessary facilities in advance.
Step 5
Confirm with the governing body and figure if the special permits are required. Keep in mind that the reception in the yard will require the party or noise permit, otherwise you will be risking of getting the ticket for neighbors disturbing.

Step 6
Come up with the parking plan and have it printed on the wedding invitations. If your parking is not big enough, consider using the nearby parking lot.
Step 7
Provide your guests with as much open area as possible including the yard in order to disperse people and make it less crowded.
Step 8
Turn on the air conditioners. Despite the chilly weather outdoors, having the big crowd of people in one place will lead to temperature increasing.
Take into consideration your neighbors.

In the warm season, don’t fully rely on the yard as the ceremony or reception venue. You need an alternate plan in case of rain.
Don’t forget to arrange the house and garden maintenance before the big day comes. Book the gardener and the maid service to prepare the house for wedding celebration.


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