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How to Plan Perfect Honeymoon

I would compare the choosing of the honeymoon destination to spouse selecting. First, it is better not to rush and make quick decisions, second- something that looks good on the photo appears to be not as good in reality. Ideally, you want to set the perfect getaway that you will remember for a long time, but it is not that easy to accomplish. Learn how to perfectly plan your honeymoon with our simple tips.

Honeymoon planning tips

First of all sit down and discuss with your fiancée the key things such as climate, surfing, site seeing etc and what things could be excluded. Also figure whether you want to leave for the honeymoon right after the wedding celebration or postpone your getaway a few days.

Honeymoon-destinations-planningSearch the Web and look at travel magazines for the suitable destinations.

Come up with the honeymoon destinations that suit both of your personalities and interests. The devotees of dolce vita would love to hit the places like Caribbean, Hawaii and Fiji for the nice beach relaxation.Honeymoon-destinations-planningThose lovers of exotics should opt for Seychelles and Palau in search of the scuba dive and snorkel. Active full of energy couples may consider visiting the place where they can switch from pool to the bar, then to golf and finish the day at the beach party.

Couples with the high interest to the rich cultural life should consider flying to the European country with the great variety of museums, theaters and restaurants.

Honeymoon-destinations-planningDon’t forget to discuss the finances issue and figure how you will pay for the honeymoon and how to manage the save up process, if it is required.

Go for the package since it is usually more advantageous. The good travel agent will always offer you the nice packages that will include the best destinations, air and car packages that will cost you less comparing to purchasing the accommodations, flights and car rental separately.Honeymoon-destinations-planningFor instance, the classic honeymoon package to Hawaii or Caribbeans consists the cocktail greeting, breakfast with champagne, resort dinner, golf car etc.

Before leaving, make sure to put the official documents in order such as passports and visas. Also don’t forget to buy the travel insurance in case your credit card or insurance cover it. If you plan to visit another country, don’t forget to exchange the sum of money that would be enough for the first couple days. Before going to the country, where you can get infected by the exotic disease, make sure to get vaccinated.

Honeymoon-destinations-planningSpend some extra time on thinking over your wardrobe since you don’t want to take garments that you won’t be wearing. Try to come up with different combinations and compose ready-to-wear sets. Those items that don’t fit into your sets should be left out.

Warnings of the honeymoon preparation

In case you need to update your travel essentials such as a luggage bag, add them to your bridal registry.

Honeymoon-destinations-planningIf you decide to switch your name to husband’s and use it on the airline tickets, make sure to bring the marriage license along for the name change proof.

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