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How to Plan Inexpensive Wedding in Short Terms

cheap-wedding-short-terms-2Planning the wedding is both a time consuming and costly thing. However, some couples cannot allow themselves spending too much time and money on wedding planning, so the only thing they can do is planning an inexpensive wedding in short terms.

In case you are getting married and time is the key, you don’t want the limitations to prevent you from setting your dream wedding. Though planning a wedding in short terms might seem to be expensive, you may end up saving a significant sum of money with certain efforts and creativity.

How to Plan an Inexpensive Wedding in Short Terms

Come up with a wedding checklist. Write down all the things that should be done and purchased. Decide on the budget and write it right on the top of the checklist. Write down the approximate price of each item on the list multiplied by the required amount. Try to follow the checklist as close as possible.


Go for the civil wedding. Visit the city hall or local court to figure what are the civil wedding requirements. While some states require the blood tests, others might need the pre-marriage counseling. For the urgent weddings consider travelling to states like Nevada, where you can have a quick ceremony without any requirements.


Send out e-mail invitations. The online sites like Evites allow sending out the online wedding invites for free. You might deliver the traditional paper invitations to the guests that live within the driving distance. Simply call those guests who couldn’t be reached by email and in person.


Cheap wedding dress. The best way to save on the wedding dress is borrowing your mother’s or sister’s dress. Find a handy friend that will be able to make the alterations. Replace the traditional wedding gown with the formal one. Look through the discounted racks at the bridal boutiques: you may find the beautiful gown on a bargain.


Ask your friends for help. Consider involving as many friends and family members in your wedding preparation process as possible. You may ask them to help you with venue décor, cooking, DJing and even cooking.


Opt for the simple wedding reception and invite the limited number of guests. Consider setting the wedding in the backyard of your parents’ house. Use the cheap decorations like the fake flowers, string lights and candles. Another way is setting the wedding reception in your favorite restaurant: just don’t forget to ask whether it is allowed to use your own decorative elements.


Save on the wedding cake. Check the wedding magazines for photos or cakes you really love. Take the photo of the cake to the local baker and ask him to make the cake with the chosen flavor. Another alternative is purchasing the pre-made cake and placing it on the adorned layers or simply ordering the cupcakes.


Avoid the professional photographer. The professional photographer’s service takes a significant part from the wedding budget, so instead of hiring the photographer, ask your guests to take the photos with the disposable cameras. If you still want to have the beautiful staged photos of your big day, consider hiring the student photographer, who either won’t charge at all or charge a little.


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