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Hairstyles for the Birdcage Veils

The birdcage veils are made to match the exquisite short and sassy hairstyles with the retro feel. Also called the blusher, cage and Madonna veils, they come in the distinct lengths and are made from the netting. Usually the birdcage veils are attached to the hair with combs or hairpins and add the vintage vibe to the bridal look. Let’s figure what hairstyles work best with the birdcage veils.

Hairstyles for the birdcage veils

Bob and wave
A bob with finger waves complemented with the birdcage veil add the 1920s-inspired vintage feel to the bridal look. The bob and wave work best for the hair with the medium length, since the finger waving obliges your hair to be of the sufficient length for the perfect styling. The bob and wave works equally well both on the curly and straight hair.
The birdcage veil placed at the top of the classy updo will create a unique bridal look. Updos, when your hair is swept up into the classic style, are very popular among the contemporary brides. The French twists, loose chignons, French braids and cluster of curls are considered to be the updos. These hairstyles allow shifting the focus on your face rather than on hair and the beautiful fastener pined to the birdcage veil allows the perfect look accentuating.
The birdcage veils will perfectly suit the short hairstyle. Short bang swept to the side looks chic and playful when worn along with the veil, while the punk reminiscent hairstyle under the birdcage veil adds the sexy and a bit seditious feel. Don’t forget to complement the cage veil with the sassy pin curls to enhance the retro feel. Other short hairstyles that will suit the birdcage veil are the straight bob, pixie, blunt and boy cuts.
Long and loose
Want to create the traditional bridal look? Simply opt for the long and loose hairstyle that looks extremely feminine and creates the statement contrast with the sassiness of the cage veil. The soft curls allow adding the romance and playfulness to your look, especially when complemented with the decorated fasteners.


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