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Guide on Wedding Seating

Outdoor-Wedding-ReceptionEnsuring that each of your guests is comfortable with his seating at the reception is probably one of the toughest issues to handle in wedding planning. When coming up with the wedding reception seating plan you should take into consideration the interfamilial relationship among your relatives and friends and the personalities of the guests. Keep in mind that the holiday and peaceful atmosphere is what you are looking for.

Wedding seating tips

Step 1: Accumulate the list of guests invited to the wedding reception. Write down all the guests’ names and don’t forget to note the dates they are bringing along since it is essential to seat them together.
guest-listStep 2: Now you will need to utilize the big blank wall. In case you don’t have one, simply stick a blank paper to the door or any other place so that you could start working on your seating chart.

Step 3: Prepare the post-it notes with each guest’s name. Don’t forget to include the groomsmen and bridesmaids.
wedding_reception_seating_chartStep 4: Cut the circles from the paper (they represent the tables) and write the numbers on them. Then tape them to the plain area. Based on the venue design, place the circles in the approximate order. Don’t forget to leave the space around the circles from the post-it notes. Make a distinct circle or rectangle to represent the head table for the wedding party.

Step 5: Ask both the bride and groom’s mothers to help you with the seating arrangement since there is no a better person that knows all the family skeletons in the closet. If you have come up with the diagram yourselves, have moms review it and correct if needed.wedding-receptionStep 6: Assign the number of the table to each guest and write it down on the guest list. Once you receive the RSVP, you have to approve the final seating chart. After you are done with that, make the placecards and provide the venue manager with the final seating design.

Tips on wedding reception seating

If you plan to have children on the wedding reception, ask the venue manager to provide the highchairs.wedding-receptionFigure whether the table sizes are adjustable. A lot of venues have the tables that are able to fit 10 people as well as standard 8. The mix of 8 and 10 “tops” will make a perfect solution for the seating problems.

Seat the bride and groom’s parents at the tables that are close to the head table. Let them choose the guests they want to seat at the same table.Reception-SeatingKeep in mind that someone could feel insulted by being seated far from the head table.

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