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Guide on Decorating the Wedding Car

One of the oldest wedding-related traditions is decorating the newlyweds’ car during the wedding reception. Usually this duty lies on the shoulders of groomsmen, but bridesmaids could be involved as well.

The main idea behind the wedding car decorating is drawing attention to the couple of newlyweds. Just make sure to decorate the car with the taste and stay away from things that can damage the car coating.

Guide on wedding car decoratingWedding-decoration-car-getaway

We suggest using either window markers or liquid chalk for windows decorating. They could be easily removed from the windows with soap or simple water. Some groomsmen tend to utilize the shoe polish for writing on windows, but it is not the best option since it is very hard to remove and can be damaging for the car coating.
External decorating
As the progress steps forward, wedding industry also brings some innovations into wedding celebration, including those in the wedding car decorating. Instead of drawing on the windows, simply stick the vinyl window clings, which could be easily removed. They are offered in different wedding-related designs such as hearts, bells or even letters for phrases composing. Don’t forget to attach the cardboard to the back of the car. Complete decorating process by attaching streamers to the roof, antenna and handles and tie the cans to the back of the vehicle.
As a rule, groomsmen and sometimes the bridesmaids are the ones, who are supposed to decorate the wedding car. But we suggest you consider doing it yourself. This can become a nice ending of your wedding celebration instead of the big embarrassment when stepping outside the reception area and seeing your wedding car decorated by friends. By decorating your car yourself you will avoid the possible stains from the prohibited materials your groomsmen might want to use. Besides, you can personalize the car with a meaningful saying.


Things to avoid
Make sure not to overload the car windows with the embellishment since it can interfere the driver. Also keep in mind even though the elements like confetti or glitter look beautiful and fun, it will take a lot of time of getting rid of all those small items from the car.Red-White-Wedding-Getaway-Car

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