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Great Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Leave the boring guest books in the past with our great ideas that will enchant your guests.

Great guest book ideas

Children’s book
This is a unique chance for each of your guests to make up for the years from the childhood when they were not allowed to write in the books. Choose your favorite book from the childhood or the book that is symbolic for your couple.
Mad libs guest book
Another opportunity to get back to the childhood is having your guests filling the blanks with a Mad Libs-inspired guest book. You can easily create one using WordLibs.com.
Typerwriter guest book
You can add the vintage feel to your wedding reception by having the few retro typewriters so that your guests could type out the messages. A few days later you can fasten the pages together and create the guests book with the nice wishes from your family members and friends.
Vintage postcard guest book
It would be interesting setting the mailboxes throughout the area and let your guests write their messages on vintage postcards, which they will later leave in the mailboxes.
Vinyl record guest book
Avail your passion to music by using the old-fashioned vinyl records that are available in the thrift stores as wedding guest book. Have the permanent markers available in the metallic hues so that guests could sign it.

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