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Geode Cakes Are A New Hot Trend

Geode cakes are all the rage. Colorful, complex, mesmerizing they take hours of planning and work, but they turn out show-stoppingly gorgeous. Made of crystallized colored sugar these beauties are surely to steal the show at any wedding and ensure loads of editorial-worthy photography.

Geode cake
Geode masterpiece of a cake by Rachael Morris of Three Tiers for Cake

There are cakes that look like real geodes and there are also painted cakes that are equally beautiful but perhaps a bit less labor-intensive. If you are mindful of your wedding budget it’s better to simply use geodes as decorations. A simple classy buttercream will be a great canvas for it. Cupcakes can too be decorated with colored sugar geodes, but will probably cost more.

Agate cake
Agate painted cake

Rock candy is a beautiful way to imitate crystals and minerals to decorate the outside and the inside of the cake (to imitate geode). If you want a sophisticated geode cake still, order a small two-tier display cake and serve the plain sheet cake and rock candy favors to guests.

Cakes decorated with rock candy
Colored rock candy decorations are a cheaper and easier way to a geode cake

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