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Fruit Wedding Cake Ideas For Spring

Spring/summer season is a great time for a wedding. Fruit and berries are ripe, delicious and relatively cheap. You can make appetizers and desserts with them, use them for decoration or even as favors. It’s easy to decorate with berries and fruit slices if you are making a DIY wedding cake or if you want to provide an alternative for your guests. Fill a tiered cake stand with fruit for guests to snack on during cocktail hour or instead of a cake.

Fruit can be a great refreshing cake alternative and if you present them right, the guests will definitely remember your ‘wedding cake’.

If you don’t want to just serve plain fruit and berries you can top Pavlova or Italian cakes with them. Other ideas include chocolate-filled strawberries, berry-topped cupcakes, brownies, and a watermelon fruit cake.

Fruit Wedding Cakes

Chocolate-dipped strawberries


Pavlova cake

Strawberry cake

berry cake



Italian cake

Wedding cakes

Naked cake

Watermelon wedding cake

Watermelon balls


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