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Flower Ideas for Countryside Wedding in Spring

Spring Wedding Flowers

We are right in the middle of spring and on our way to the sultry summer days with the trees and flowers blooming in full force. In case you are going to exchange your vows in the countryside during spring season, you should check the most popular spring wedding flowers that will perfectly complement your wedding.

Perfect Flowers for Spring Wedding in Countryside


Both the Shasta Daisy and the Gerber Daisy are the truly spring flowers that ooze the rustic vibe like no other blooms. The Shasta Daisy is strongly associated with the childhood and those carefree days when we were playing with our girlfriends “he loves me – he loves me not”, while the Gerber Daisy is considered to be a more classy and elegant type of flower. However both of these flowers will evoke the nostalgic feelings among your guests and remind them of their youth, what make them a perfect alternative for your spring wedding.

Daisies Wedding Flowers


You can add a touch of warmth to your wedding day by opting for African Violets. African Violets historically represent the devotion and friendship, which are the key elements of any marriage. Consider placing African Violets into small pots and incorporating them into your wedding décor. In case you want to save on the wedding favors, you may give your guests these potted Violets as the wedding reception ends. In case you want to dilute your innocent bridal attire with the splash of color, consider opting for the wedding bouquet with African Violets.

Violets Wedding Flowers


Hydrangeas are available in a myriad of hues like white, lavender, green and blue, what makes them popular wedding flowers. They are often used in the wedding bouquets, aisle décor, centerpieces and even as a wedding cake embellishment. Consider using these flowers in the contrasting hues in your wedding bouquet or in the wedding cake decoration to add a bold and statement element.

Hydrangeas Wedding Flowers


Being an embodiment of spring season, tulips remain the key flowers to use in springtime weddings. Have your bridesmaids carry the bright-colored tulip bouquets in their hands and opt for the white tulip bouquet yourself. One of the big advantages of tulips are their budget-friendly cost and simple beauty. So in order to make up the striking wedding bouquet you don’t have to make an effort, simply put them together and tie with the satin ribbon. The same principle works for the table centerpieces: put them in the mason jar for the beautiful centerpiece with the countryside vibe.

Tulips Wedding Flowers
Opting for the flower types that are in season will not only save you a buck, but also will bring a touch of the season to your celebration. Consider blending different types of spring flowers in your wedding décor in case you want to add a truly spring vibe to your wedding.

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