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Five Reasons To Go For A Wedding At Castle

Wedding at the castle
Wedding at the castle
We have all dreamed of huge castles and brave princes who would save us from wicked witches or evil dragons from time to time. We loved to imagine ourselves in huge and luxurious ball gowns, with a number of chaperons who would follow us wherever we went. Beautiful gardens, lovely maws, fountains and benches – this is exactly how a castle of our dream looked like. They say you have to realized your childhood dreams and wishes once you grow up. I think your wedding is the best way to fulfill this sweet dream. Below are five reasons why one would arrange a wedding ceremony at the castle.

Why Do You Need A Castle To Throw Up Your Wedding Ceremony?

First of all, just imagine how great you will look in your astonishing wedding outfits against the castle background. If you start your marriage like this, trust me, the rest of your life will also be like in a fairy tale. You can attach the theme of your ceremony to any story that features a castle or else make your guests go back in time and wear medieval costumes. As you can see, one has a wide range of options to go for, hence there is a lot of room for your imagination as well.

Second, thinks of the castle’s interior. Can you feel your mouth watering? There is not a single lady in this universe who would say no to such a striking image. Luxurious design, olden furniture, antique utensils and even maidens wearing uniforms – this sounds like a set for the movie. I am sure you would like such a setting to be featured in the movie of yours as well. Besides, the guests will definitely appreciate your efforts to surprise them – not every single couple throws up such a unique and exquisite celebration. And, let’s admit, everyone likes to act as an aristocrat having dinner in the most wonderful and exquisite place.

Speaking of your guests – I am sure they will find a million of fun activities to do on the territory of the castle. Bush mazes, crazy races and other games will make this day totally unforgettable. Moreover, the design of castle area is such that it becomes very hard to not fall in love with it. You can easily set the tables outside and let your friends and relatives enjoy the beautiful weather.

It is hard to think of how many advantages a castle. Seems like there are so many of them that one could spend the whole life listing them. Here is one more – just think about the photo set that can be shot with such a stunning view on the background. And here I am not talking exclusively about the facade. All the tiny bits and pieces are also important. I am sure your photographer will find a thousand of ways to take a mind-blowing picture of you, so if you also dreamed to become and top-model, this is a chance to realize another wish.

Last but not least – a cart with horses is not an attribute of solely castle weddings. However, where else will it looks as spectacular as it does here. I can see the faces of your guests when they spot a wedding cart and a couple of beautiful people getting off it.

These were the key reasons why one would fall in love with a castle wedding. If you still hesitate about your choice, take a look at the images below and make your mind up.

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