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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Many modern couples are quiet eco-conscious and want all aspects of their lives to be as green as possible. There are plenty of ways how to plan an eco-friendly wedding using sustainable alternatives to usual wedding elements like invitations, favors, and decor.

Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

Lindee Daniel Eco-friendly wedding dress


Green wedding invitations can range from recycled paper to e-cards. You can also record a video or a song invitation and send them to your guests, which is both eco-friendly and very unusual.


Choosing the right venue is important. Think how much electricity you can burn in a hotel especially if the wedding is in hot summer (on air conditioning plus illumination). An old barn or a garden are perfect for eco-friendly wedding venues. You can also make sure to use solar power when it’s dark to illuminate your venue and play music. If that’s not accessible you can always go for eco-friendly candles. Also be sure to use decorations that are eco-friendly and biodegradable.


A green wedding dress might cost you a little fortune but it will probably be made out of organic silk and vegetable-dyed. Another great way to go green with your dress is to buy a simple but eco-friendly style that you will be able to wear for special occasions.


Since imported flowers are often treated with chemicals it is better to use native local flowers for both your bouquet and decor. Also try to opt out of plastic flowers and other non-sustainable decorations.


An eco-friendly wedding can cost a lot you can cut on things that aren’t essential or recycle stuff to create your wedding decor or invitations. Use old punctured tin cans as candle holders or make centerpieces out of old wine bottles.

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