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Easy Ways To Glam Up Any Wedding Food

There are some things that just scream glamour and are effectively turning anything they touch into its glam version. Edible gold leaf is a perfect example. It can turn a buttercream cake into a designer cake, regular truffles into boutique candy, and even marshmallows into an afternoon tea hit.

Glam Up Any Wedding Food


If you’re having a bridal shower or a bachelorette party or you simply want to serve some chocolate with your wedding cake, here is a way to do it. Metallic food coloring is all the rage and can be found among baking supplies. You can draw whatever you want using a small culinary brush and wow guests with this simple trick.


Image via Popsugar

Fortune cookies dipped in glitter

Fortune cookies make for great seat signs and favors. Dip them into edible glitter and they’ll look 100 times more glam and attractive.

Rose petals

Rose petals and showy perennials have got to be the most beautiful and romantic decoration of them all. You can shower your buttercream wedding cake with them or put them in cocktails. Freezing them in ice cubes is a nice way to dress up the bar.


Edible gold is not for decorating candy and baked goods, though. A glass of champagne full of gold flakes is a nice way to kick off the cocktail hour or a dinner reception. Serve it once for the very special toast and guests won’t forget it.

Champagne bottle in ice

Finally, it’s the berry season soon, make sure to introduce them into your wedding menu even if just for the sake of decor. You can freeze them up in ice cubes, dress up your drinks, serve them as kebabs during cocktail hour, and coat in chocolate.


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