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DIY Photo Booth Wall Ideas

Thrifty brides know that if something can be DIY it’s gotta be done. A photo booth is one of those things you can easily make yourself since there aren’t any strict rules on what it should be made of and how it should look like. You can, of course, rent a photo booth wall but you can also save some money by making one.

Parasol photo backdrop

The easiest photo wall idea is to  hang ribbons, strings lights or garlands or apply wall stickers or washi tape in a decorative pattern to create your backdrop. There are so many possible variations with these materials alone.

In an outdoor wedding you’ll either need a natural background, which probably wouldn’t be possible in a budget wedding or a DIY wall. If you cannot find a wall-like board to create your backdrop look into alternatives like old doors, pallets, makeshift structures, and trees. The latter can be used to hang fabric or picture frames for your photo booth experience.

If you think that the photo wall isn’t worth the hassle, think again. It is a great activity that can entertain your guests and give them a chance to mingle and chat, stretch their legs after ceremony, and simply have fum posing and taking photos.

Photo Backdrop Wall Ideas

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