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Disney-Themed Cakes Will Bring Some Magic To Your Wedding

Disney is beloved by many even when they’re well into their twenties and thirties and maybe later. But you don’t have to be ashamed. Pick your favorite Disney film and have your baker do their magic. Then bring it to your wedding and enjoy the fond memories of your favorite stories and characters.

Disney films allow so much room for creativity when it comes to both choosing a wedding theme and making a cake. You can have your favorite scenes recreated or simply ask a confectioner to create a cake inspired by film’s aesthetic.

A Disneyland castle or any cartoon castle for that matter is always a sight to behold when it’s presented in cake form. And with abundance of Disney titles you can really have a choice of things.

Disney Wedding Cakes

Sleeping beauty cake

Sleeping Beauty-inspired cake

Beauty and the beast

Cinderella cake


Aladin-inspired cake


Alice in Wonderland-inspired cake

Maleficent cake

UP-inspired cake

Disney castle cake


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