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Creative Chair Decor Ideas For Every Wedding

Wedding chair decor has really evolved lately. Wrapped fabrics and ribbons aren’t that impressive anymore. Thematic or unique decorations are now in order. From giant fabric flowers to macrame chair necklaces those decorations get as much attention as the dress, the ring and the cake.

A spring wedding would definitely look even nicer with these coral fabric flowers or green garlands. In winter knitted covers would not only make for warm seats but also a very family-like, intimate atmosphere

Unusual chair design is another way of doing it. Instead of buying a lot of decorations rent copper metallic or Lucite chairs. The latter ones are great for an outdoor ceremony too as they don’t obstruct too much view of the gorgeous surroundings.

Chair Decor Ideas For Every Wedding

Wedding chair fabric flower decor

Wedding chair fabric flower decor

Wedding chair decor

Nautical chairs

Wedding chairs

Knitted chair covers

Copper wedding chairs

Lucite chairs

Ombre wedding chair covers

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