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Bohemian Style Wedding Ideas

If while browsing through the bridal magazine pages, thematic websites, and pinterest boards you still think that wedding is too formal an event think again. There are so many different styles you can choose from including the beautiful and romantic bohemian chic.

Bohemian Wedding Ideas

Boho tent


Bohemian style implies free-fitting forms and relaxed silhouettes when it comes to clothing. An empire waist is an often attribute of the bohemian style dress. The sleeves are usually loose and flowing as is skirt. Cape-like sleeves can also be found in bohemian style dresses and look gorgeous with relaxed waved long hair.


Bohemian style shoes can be quite simple and comfortable. Beaded flat sandals can work well with the boho dress making for a completely romantic and relaxed look.


Bohemian style accessories can carry an ethnic or floral theme. Think floral wreaths and colorful bands with ethnic motifs.


Hair in bohemian style is too very relaxed, there are no stiff curls or strong shapes. Think loose waves, relaxed rolls, waterfall braids, or milkmaid braids.

Groom’s Attire

Groom also has options when it comes to bohemian style wedding attire. Choose a tuxedo in lighter hues like light blue or light sand brown. Since bohemian style is all about the relaxed look you can opt out of a bow tie and a pocket square. Unbutton a shirt at the top or go sans jacket.

Wedding Décor

Wedding décor in bohemian style can easily be DIY. Meadow flowers can be bought at a local market or farm while a tent can be installed using plain linen fabric and a few posts. Use dDecorative throw pillows and cushions for seating if you plan a very small and intimate wedding celebration in the garden to complete your boho tent.

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