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Best Wedding Trends For 2016

Wedding trends come and go just like the rest of them. This year prepare to see some of the old traditions come back and some of the new ones get even more popular.

As naked cakes continue to reign and conquer bridal hearts flower alternatives like plants and greens are not only saving dollars to couples but also make for an unusual wedding look.

Wedding Trends For 2016

And while you’re choosing between Pantone colors of the year for your wedding decor don’t forget to learn all about the wedding gown trends.


Naked cake

Naked cake

Naked cakes aren’t the only option this Spring. Classic buttercream cakes that are usually on the cheaper side are making their way back to stardom only this time they get to be more special and gorgeous. Handpainting is a very popular thing for wedding cakes today as are sugared flowers, monograms, and frosting trims.

Cocktails & Food

Signature cocktails

His & hers cocktails

While bite-sized appetizers with wine and champagne are still a great way to treat guests you can go further by having your wedding in a beer garden (as opposed to a winery) or simply adding two signature his and hers cocktails instead of a punch (does anyone have punch anymore?).

Food went back to a sit down dinner famuly-style where people can opt for and out of a particular meal and they are passed around the long square table as opposed to round table reception style. Also we wager that unusual caterers like food trucks will continue to be popular with couples who want a cheaper, fun wedding reception than a more traditional sit-down dinner. If you still want a sit-down reception opt for having it in the morning or lunch to serve people brunch instead of pricier dinner.

Invitations & Details

Wedding invitation

Simple but showy invitations are in order for 2016. Think metallic paper and unusual fonts. Don’t overthink or overdo them though. The more relaxed and budget-savvy approach make for more creative wedding ideas. Like for instance, if you have a dream of a destination wedding but cannot afford one creating a style and atmosphere of the place you have a fond memory or love for can do the trick. Also lots and lots of music and entertainment options are great. Don’t just stick to your iPod. Hire a professional to do a few retro numbers for a more special part of your wedding. Swap selfies for selfie stations where you won’t be distracted from the actual event taking photos with your phone or better yet ask or hire an experienced person to make some aerial photos or video clips with a drone.



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