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Best Wedding Cakes & Desserts For Summer

If you’re like me fruity cakes are your only second favorites after the decadent chocolate ones. With summer just around the corner it’s time to choose what you’re going to serve your guests at the reception come tea time. A berry-showered cake? Frozen yogurt popsicles? Or a classic buttercream cake decorated around the summer theme?

There are many options to choose from and you’re not obligated to serve cake if you want something more refreshing like sorbet or berries covered in chocolate. Naked cakes are light and fruity and are so photogenic it’s hard to resist them. They can be decorated with any fruit, berries, flowers, and greenery. Even simple powdered sugar adds a decorative touch to them.

Naked wedding cake

Sorbet, frozen yogurt and ice cream are great summer treats but you can also offer your guests some fresh options like ice cream alcohol shakes or ice cream soda. In summer heat guests will definitely appreciate those sweet refreshing drinks. Of course you can also go with milkshakes and lemonade for non-drinkers or plop a ball of ice cream on cupcakes.

Ice cream shakes

What you can also do is freeze some berries and add them to champagne and drinks instead of ice. They work also great as flavored ice cubes (cubes consisting mostly of pureed berries) and, of course, dessert decorations.

Another great summer dessert that is light and refreshing is pudding that you can again serve with fruit slices, berries, and grazed chocolate or coconut flakes. Add jelly to the mix and have guests debating what’s better but chances are they’ll down both.


There are many ways to go about your summer wedding desserts. You can always keep it classy with a buttercream cake but all these alternatives are too sweet to pass by. You can, of course, do a combination of sorts like the mentioned ice cream on cupcakes or pudding fruit salad. No one would complain about drunken popsicles or alcohol ice cream shakes and a naked cake is such a huge trend right now everyone will want a slice and a picture.

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