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Best Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Car

Whether you’re driving your own car or leasing one there are many different ways to show off your wedding style with car decor. The older the model the better as all that wedding fluff seems to look better (more natural) on vintage vehicles with all their curves and peculiar shapes.

While the newer models tend to look good with minimal decorations like a front wreath and a couple of ribbons, the older models allow for more flair like garlands, balloons, exaggerated wreaths.

Regardless of whether you’ll be riding a van or a limo it’s always a good idea not to overdo it in the decoration department. You don’t want cheap tulle on your hood. Rather go with a green leaf wreath on a bumper or outlining the front window. A floral composition will look great on a vintage car’s hood. If you’re choosing a small wreath to hang in the front be sure to go easy on the ribbons as cars, especially new ones have a lot going on in terms of design there so keeping things simple and minimalist is the best way not to overdo with decorations.

Wedding Car Decor Ideas

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