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7 Brunch Ideas That Even Your Night Owl Guests Will Think Worthy Of An Early Awakening

Brunch is a great mid-range reception option for frugal couples. It can also allow you to be very creative not only with your menu but also your entertainment program. There are many ideas to make a brunch wedding much more than a way to save money.

Brunch Wedding Ideas For Early Birds And Night Owls

Coffee Bar

Coffee bar

Kristen Julia Photography

Even if most of your guests are early birds a coffee bar is a must at a brunch. People will want to energize and refresh a little before and after the ceremony, so keeping a cart stacked with cups, sugar, and creamers will make your guests’ wedding experience so much better.


Champagne and fruit bar

Photography Swoon by Katie

Have a few bottles of alcohol in your coffee bar for those who would like their coffee extra strong. Or you could serve champagne with an assortment of fruit and berries cut and ready to be served in champagne glasses. You may also keep your wedding dry, especially if not many guests are drinkers.

Yogurt Bar

Yogurt bar sign

Yogurt is an ultimate morning food and even lactose-intolerant can eat it. You can also serve it with a few varieties of local fruits and berries and throw in a chocolate, toffee, fruit syrup for good measure. Add toppings like nuts, seeds, cereal, and chocolate gratings for more flavor options and see guests coming for seconds. Oh, and it can also be a frozen yogurt or you can serve ready yogurt parfait popsicles as an alternative.

Omelette Station

Omelet Station

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If you like your breakfast healthy and filling why not have an omelette station with various toppings like cheese, ham, and veg? Each guest can serve whatever they like with their omelette and season with ketchup, mayo, or whatever else you’ll choose to have.

Bite-Sized Appetizers

Pancake ops

Pancake pops by Little Inspiration

If you need to have a cocktail hour in between your ceremony and reception or if your reception is a buffet-like affair then bite size appetizers may come in handy, especially served on a stick. This is a great way to serve waffles, pancakes, and bacon but you can also make your appetizers in a bar shape, think granola or cheerio bars.

Donut Or Waffle Cake

Cinnamon roll cake

Cinnamon roll wedding cake

You don’t have to serve cake during your brunch wedding. You can go for a delicious donut tower that your guests can pick apart and eat with their coffees or you can have a stacked waffles cake drizzles in maple syrup as your ultimate treat. But if you are a devoted cinnamon roll lover, there’s an unusual cake option for you.

Jam Jars

Packed jam wedding favors

Jam favors

You can absolutely give your guests jam jars as wedding favors and this will make sense because after your brunch wedding they won’t want to eat a regular meal, Just kidding. But the idea is totally suitable for this type of wedding.


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