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6 Ways To Decorate With Balloons

What can be more festive than a handful of balloons? Decorating a wedding venue with them is easy and cheap, but you can also get creative and make the most of this budget decoration. There are so many ways to amp it up, you won’t need to splurge much on anything else.

Decorative Strings

Greenery balloon strings

A decorative string is a way to dress up any balloon. You can add the trendy greenery to them or use garlands, ribbons, and even string lights.

Coordinate With Rest of Decor

Balloon and table decor

Coordinating your balloons with the rest of the decor is a nice way of tying it all together.

Fill Them Up

Balloons over table

Fill up your balloons with confetti, glitter, or some other decorative filler and if you want to end with a bang pop them in the end.

Take Brush To Them

Gold balloon

Can’t find the colors or patterns you need? Take a paint brush to your balloons and decorate them how you want.

Perfect Photo Booth

Wedding photo booth

Want a unique photo booth? A basket with balloons tied to its sides makes a pretty unique photo set. Don’t you think?

Get Creative

Table centerpiece

Finally, you can even use balloons to create your table centerpieces. You’ll need a basket (flowers are optional), a net bag and a floating balloon to create the most unusual wedding table centerpiece ever.


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