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6 Steps To Arrange An Underwater Wedding

Underwater wedding ceremony
Underwater wedding ceremony
If you can’t stand regular and boring things, then you will love this post for sure. People rarely go for such an idea, but be sure that no one has ever regretted doing so. There is no way such a wedding ceremony will vanish from anyone’s memory – this is the most unique way to celebrate your big day. If you wish to have fun and make this event as memorable as possible, follow the tips and the result won’t make you wait for too long. A wedding ceremony underwater is something we will talk about tonight. It might sound a bit too extraordinary and non-realistic, but you will actually be very surprised with how easy everything is. Read on to find out more details about such an exciting way to arrange your wedding.

How To Throw Up An Underwater Wedding Ceremony

If you are courageous and risky enough to opt for such a brilliant idea, first of all you have to take care of the security issues. To arrange a ceremony under water, one has to be well aware of all the rules. Moreover, you need to make sure that both and your beloved one are able to spend as much time underwater as necessary. In other words, besides a traditional wedding outfit, each of the couple is to have proper equipment. This can be either purchased, rented or borrowed from friends.

You have two options here: either have fun all by yourselves or let your friends and family members take part in it as well. If you choose the first one, things will be way easier for you. In this case you will only have to worry about the two of you. The second option will create a bit more complications and duties, as you will have to ensure that all of the participants of this exciting venture are well familiar with all the safety regulations. However, it is worth all the efforts: just imagine how many positive emotions and good memories your guests will receive after such a wedding ceremony!

Regardless of whether you are having all of your guests under water or not, there is still one more person who has to be there, right by your side. Here I am talking about one of the most important people at any wedding – someone has to legally ensure your marriage, right? Hence, you will have to look hard for either someone who has already an experience of diving or teach the person a couple of lessons.

Such a fantastic day has to be recorded on camera. Otherwise you won’t have a chance to drool over it in a couple of years or else show your children. Which is why you will also have to search for a photographer with a special kind of equipment – this might be a bit long-lasting and time-consuming, since not every single photographer possesses such an equipment.

Going back to the formalities of the ceremony, since no one will be able to talk (for obvious reasons), you will need special signs in order to express your opinion. Plain Yes or I Do signs will do good. There is also a need for similar items for the legal person.

It is worth to think about your wedding outfits carefully. You might not wan tot wear the conventional ones underwater, since it won’t be comfortable at all. Besides, the bride’s dress will be completely spoiled anyway, so there is no point in spending forever looking for it in the first place. In case a white gown is a dream of your life, you can still make it come true: just sport it to the afterparty which will remind one more of a traditional wedding.

These were 6 steps to keep in mind if your intention is to arrange a wedding ceremony under water. I am pretty sure that not every single couple will go for such a venture; however, if you do, be sure that this day will not fade from your memory for quite a long time.

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