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5 Wedding Cake Trends For 2015

Some wedding planning is starting every minute or so. Or at least that’s how we like to think. Since cake is such a big deal and also a decent expenditure we though we’d let you know about the 2015 cake trends that will leave your guests wanting a selfie with it. There are so many options out there, it’s so hard to choose just one but the beauty of a wedding cake is that it usually has tiers, each of which can be performed in a different style. How about that?

2015 Wedding Cake Trends


Metallic wedding cake trend

Metallic cakes are showy and glamorous. They catch the eye and mesmerize. If you want could do just one layer or if you’re in to impress do the whole thing in gold or silver decorating it with frills and flowers. Metallic can be the frosting or edibles beads and glitter. You can also have colored layers added to the cake if you have a certain color scheme to fit it in.


Naked wedding cake trend

Naked cakes are all the rage now. If you have even modest baking skills you could have baked one for your own wedding saving a quite a bit or your budget all the while enjoying the taste. Naked cakes aren’t overly decorated, well, if you count out the flowers and berries these are usually generously showered with. They don’t require precision or special equipment. The layers have to be thick and the cream stiff enough to hold in place for a few hours. You can try to make it a few times to get the taste and the consistency right.


Artful wedding cake trend

Artful cakes are becoming more popular. You can paint anything and everything you want on your cake from beautiful or funny illustrations to watercolor stains. These cakes are definitely to make a lasting impression on guests and are perfect for taking pictures.


Ombre wedding cake trend

Another cake trend for those who like everything unusual is ombre. Ombre has taken all spheres from fashion to wedding cakes. Since these are colored cakes just choose a main color from your wedding color scheme for the cake. Or if your wedding is totally white then opt for a white cake with some neutral color for an ombre effect like grey. A bright colored cake will add a splash of color to your neutral wedding though.


Wood wedding cake trend

Rustic wedding cakes like naked ones are becoming more preferable today. They are either made to look after wood or presented on a slab of natural wood. If you like everything natural or if you are looking for a fitting cake for your eco-friendly wedding then that could be a perfect option.

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