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5 Not Boring Wedding Themes

Every modern wedding has some sort of a theme wether it’s a color or something else. And since weddings are costly anyway it’s better to invest into a themed wedding that you won’t forget for the rest of your life and will definitely keep your guests entertained.

Disco wedding


With the disco theme you won’t have a problem of your guests shying away from the dancefloor. Disco implies lots of bright clothes, sequins, and dance moves so there’ll be no problem with selling the dancing idea to your guests.

Bordelands wedding

Video Games

Choose a video game you really like and do the cosplay with your guests. It will rid your guests from the boring formal dress code and make for some really amazing conversations and photography. If you don’t know where to find the costumes, try finding your local cosplayers and ask them if they could make yours. They may not even be as expensive as a wedding dress.

Doctor Who wedding

TV Show

If you’re more of a TV buff, choose your favorite series and do the same. Imagine doing The Walking Dead themed wedding with the makeup and everything.

Football wedding


Football is a great sport theme for a wedding. It will definitely be entertaining for the guests to play between the ceremony and reception towork on appetite.

Skiing wedding


Skiing is an amazing theme for an active couple who’d like to wed in winter. Imagine renting a chalet in the mountains and enjoy a hot tub or a fire outdoors.


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