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5 Easy Ways To Skimp On Flowers For Table Centerpieces

Having floral centerpieces on each table might eat through your wedding budget faster than you could imagine, but having no centerpieces might also make for a bland look. Fortunately, you don’t have to make your flowers out of paper, just get creative with the blooms you have and the containers.

One Jar, One Bloom

flower centerpieces

One bloom per vase is a great way to stretch your floral budget. You also don’t have to rent or buy any of the vases, Maison jars or any other type of container will do. They don’t necessarily have to be uniform. You can add sand or decorative stones to spruce it up.



Greenery is a hot trend of the year. It can be used in your wedding bouquet as well as wedding decor. Put it on a table, no flowers required.

Succulent Pots

Succulent pots

Succulents are also becoming more popular by the season. Use the smaller ones in pots to decorate your wedding table and you can give them out as guest favors or keep them.

Dried Flowers


Dried lavender or other flowers can be a great centerpiece material. You can pair it with live blooms as well.

Water Vases


Placing blooms into long tube-like vases filled with water is a great way to skimp on stems all the while creating eye catching decorations.

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