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5 Creative Ways To Serve Champagne At Your Reception

There is more than one way to serve champagne at the reception. You can probably still impress the guests by waiters with trays and champagne glass pyramids but there are cheaper and easier and more creative ways to serve the sparkling toast drink.

Raspberry kebabs

The easiest way to dress up your champagne glasses and up the serving style is to toss a berry or few into the glass. Or you can have them beaded on a popsicle stick for convenience. If you’re not marrying during berry season just go with the rock candy, it will add glamour to the whole thing and make things much sweeter.

Seating sign

Adding a seating sign to a glass of champagne is a nice way to greet guests and allow them to find their seats.

Ice tray

If champagne is your primary drink you could put it on an ice tray with decorative frozen petals in ice cubes and use it as a table centerpiece to skimp on fresh flowers.

Small champagne bottles

Mini champagne bottles are great as favors but if you have a small intimate wedding they can also be served during the cocktail hour. Just provide your guests with fun straws and make sure to open bottle right before serving.

Rose ombre champagne glasses

Finally, unusual champagne glasses can make up for lack of decor. There are so many beautiful options out there from handmade decorations to manufacturer design. Choose what suits best for your wedding style and skip the bows.

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