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5 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding doesn’t have to be boring or inevitably linked to the holiday season. You can do so much more if you plan for it and find something that interests you. Here are a few amazing ideas.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Broom and bride on snowboards

Snow Sports

Winter wedding doesn’t have to be held indoors. If you are both into snow sports you can enjoy the winter in all its glory on some amazing slope photopgraphing while doing what you enjoy. You friends and family can take lessons and learn something about you both in the process.

Luxurt winter resort

Luxury Winter Resort

Although if you aren’t big on skiing or snowboarding a luxury winter resort can still offer you a lot if you decide to have your wedding there. Aside from amazing views you can all go fishing or hiking with a tour guide through the beautiful wilderness of the mountains of forest (depending on where you want to stay).

Yellowstone hot spring

Hot Springs

Hot Springs are the best when it comes to getting warm in winter weather. It’s also a great way to improve your health and have a nice intimate family celebration somewhere abroad.

Holiday house

Holiday Getaway

Combine a holiday getaway with a wedding celebration in snowy secluded home in suburbia or country. Get the family and friends together for the ultimate holiday getaway and prepare some tabletop games and snacks to keep people entertained and happy.


Destination Wedding in Wild

A destination wedding in the wild is an experience that you’ll be unlikely to ever forget. Glacier parks and venues offer such services to coulles who want to hold their event there and after that you can go straight to your bridal suite and crack a bottle of champagne open in a whirl tub. A perfect elopement plan.


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