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5 Amazing Ideas for Yacht Wedding

A beach destination wedding has become too predictable. If you want something really different a yacht wedding is the way to go. You can do that at your home country or as a destination wedding depending on where you live. A yacht wedding instantly gets a nautical theme though so if you like it you can enhance it with these amazing ideas.

Yacht Wedding Ideas


Nautical Wedding Cake

Yacht wedding is a perfect excuse for a creative wedding cake in a nautical theme. It will become a great table decoration. Rarely boat-shaped cakes look good though so it’s better to go with a traditional round shape and ask for nautical decor or find an exceptional baker who will make a perfect boat-shaped cake for you.

Oysters as Appetizers

Oysters are a luxurious food that goes well with the champagne. You won’t really need anything else to serve along with them as long as you know for sure that there aren’t guests who are allergic to shellfish.

Boat Exit

Boat exit is a cool way to leave your guests to enjoy the rest of the reception while you and your new spouse go home for a wedding night or sail to the shore to catch a plane for your honeymoon destination.

Yacht PhotoshootYacht wedding photography

Yacht is a great place for a photoshoot and you can involve the guests as well. Do a brief photo session before or after the ceremony and if that’s not going to be enough, book the yacht for a few hours within the next few days to complete your wedding album.

Turn Reception Into Afterparty

You can easily turn your reception into an afterparty once all the formal celebration is done and only closest friends and family stayed to continue the fun. Some yachts may offer a jacuzzi or a swimming pool to allow you to shrug off the constricting formal clothes and get more comfortable.

Wpending the wedding night on a yacht can also be an unforgettable experience. Watching the night ocean or sea and the stars, what can be more romantic?


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