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5 Alternatives To Floral Arrangements

A wedding doesn’t have to have lots of flowers. You can have just a bouquet and decorate with any of these five alternatives that are realiably beautiful and more durable. These will also save you quite a dime and maybe be even serve you beyond one evening.

Floral Arrangement Alternatives

Navy, coral and white balloons


Balloons are great. They are festive, colorful, and can be used in a ton of different ways. They can be arranged into arches and other doorway decorations or could simpy be hung up or down depending on what’s accessible to you.

Origami garlands

Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are incredibly decorative and you can probably DIY most of them. You can either recycle your old diaries and notebooks or wrappers and even wallpaper if you want also to be eco-friendly or you can keep these for other occasions like Christmas or parties. If you don’t want to make anything though just buy string lights.

Fabric decorations


Fabrics make amazing venue decorations and not only up by the ceiling. You can use different fabrics to decorate your tables and even make fabric flowers out of them to further enhance your decor.



When we are talking table centerpieces, candles make best alternative because they are beautiful and can come in decorative candle holders, which eliminatees the need for flowers.

Branch centerpiece


Dead branches can get second life with crystal beads, glitter, spray paint, and garlands. They will make amazing table centerpieces and vase fillers. You can decorate them however you want and they will look great and last as long as the party goes on.

Finally if you think your table could use more color, consider scattering apples and other fruit and vegetables around it to make for the lasck of blooms.

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