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4 Cool Nontraditional Wedding Themes

There are many interesting and nontraditional wedding themes that can become an alternative to the classic white floral wedding motifs. The wedding can be done in a fashion style theme or inspired by a favorite movie or film. The theme can be carried through the garments, decorations, and music.

Seasonal Theme

Seasonal wedding theme is easy and beautiful. Nature sets all the decorations needed although these can be created artificially as well. Each season has its own unique color palette that can be used to create wedding decor.

Vintage Theme

Vintage theme is quite popular and not only in weddings. And it’s no wonder as it’s romantic, nostalgic and can be budget-friendly too with the vintage finds to serve as wedding decorations. There are many ways of interpreting the vintage theme into wedding decor.

Favorite Movie/Book Theme

To create a wedding in your favorite movie theme both you and your groom should enjoy it. It might also require setting a certain dress code for the guests to make them fit into the atmosphere. It’s also best when the guests know the theme well so that they don’t feel left out on the concept.

Pattern Theme

Stripes, dots, stars, or any other pattern can become a theme for wedding decorations to substitute the traditional whites and light blues. From wedding garments to table decorations the patterns can be incorporated as accents and motifs.

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