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2013 is the Year of the Cake Pop

If you are planning the wedding and try to get abreast of the latest trends in the wedding industry in order to incorporate them into your wedding day, you definitely need to know about the dessert trend of the cake pop. The cake pop is the cake on the stick with the chocolate coating. It is an ideal option for festive celebrations like weddings. We are here to describe the advantages of using the cake pop at your wedding or hen party.

Why the cake pop should replace the traditional wedding cake

Great alternative to the wedding cake
If you belong to the category of brides that are not afraid of experimenting and going over the board, then you should definitely consider replacing the traditional wedding cake with mini desserts. Even the cupcakes are not as popular as they used to be the previous season. Cake pops are the perfect way to satisfy the sweet needs of your guest without hurting their diets. In fact, a lot of people nowadays try to keep themselves in a good shape.
Striking wedding favors
Cake pops can also serve as great wedding favors. Simply cover them with a beautiful wrapping and don’t forget to tie with nice ribbon. This way your guests will be able to take something home to try it later or share with family members. Despite the profusion of the special shops that offer cake pops for your wedding day, it would be better finding the skillful woman that will make the individual cake pops for you.
Neat treats for the children
In case you plan a lot of children to attend your wedding, consider using the cake pops as the sweet treats for them. Once you make the children smile, you are guaranteed to make their parents happy, so the chances are everyone will have a great time at your celebration.
Ideal option for the hen party
Besides being the perfect option for the wedding celebration, cake pops will suit all kinds of special occasions like the hen parties and baby showers. Consider decorating the cake pops in the colors that will match the overall décor gamma or use them for adding the splashes of the bold color.

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