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10 Steps to Cheap Wedding

Every woman dreams about the luxurious wedding in the fancy ballroom surrounded by the chic flower arrangements and with the exquisite food on the tables, but our desires don’t always meet our financial capacities. We prepared useful tips that will help you to organize the stunning wedding without spending too much.

How to save on wedding

Cut down the guest list
Keep in mind that every guest means considerable expenses increasing. You will spend extra money not only on catering, but also on additional centerpieces, rentals, invites, favors etc. The key is avoiding inviting someone you haven’t communicated with for couple years. Besides, it is ok to ask the single people come without their dates.
You are not obligated to invite every single colleague. You won’t appear rude if you don’t let your friends bright their children along. You may trim the relatives that are more distant than your cousins or pals from your yoga class.

Avoid inside envelope paper and reply cards
You can simply exclude the inside envelope paper, which is an ancient atavism. Also, ask people to reply you either via e-mail or by the telephone instead of sending them the reply cards, which is a sure way to save on two expenses items: printing fees and postage.
Wedding-invitationPurchase the wedding dresses on sale
Don’t feel shy to look at the sample sale when searching for your wedding gown. Those used to take place once a year and provide the brides with the awesome chance to get the designer dress at law price. Also check out the websites like eBay, which used to offer the good deals on the wedding gowns. Keep in mind that the wedding dress cleaning could cost you up to $250, so avoid buying the dress with stains. Also consider the dress renting option.
Wedding-gown-dressChoose unpopular day for wedding
Sunday is the most popular day for weddings. So, in case your wedding day is other than Sunday, you are more likely to get the cheaper prices from vendors.
wedding-celebrationCeremony decorating
If you plan to have the religious wedding, you may choose the date near the key holiday, which is accompanied by the decorating. This way you will significantly cut on your wedding expenses. In other times, opt for simple style. Believe me, the candlelit ceremony is both beautiful and budget-friendly.
wedding-ceremony-decorationReplace the vendors by your friends
The perfect way to save money is finding the talented people among your friends and family members. Your crafty friend could help you with creating the wedding invitations, ceremony and reception decorating, while your cousin from the music college could perform with his course mates on your wedding reception instead of the professional musicians.
Wedding-musiciansBecome crafty
It would be a nice and fun experience to ask your friends to help you with favors, centerpieces and invitations creating. Only make sure to set up a warming atmosphere and the cheerful music on the stereo in order to add the party feel to it.
wedding_invitesCheap food and drinks
Consult your caterer and inform him about your money-saving regime. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the cheap entrees. Find out whether they will provide you with own drinks or whether having just wine will cost you less money comparing to the full bar.
Wedding-cateringAnother option is asking the caterer to open the bar only during the cocktail party. In other times, guests should be served only with low-cost wine.

Using eBay, you have a great chance to get the exclusive and designer items for the reasonable price such as wedding favors, ring pillows, bridal accessories etc. Just purchase from the reliable retailers.
wedding-necklace-jewelryInexpensive wedding invites
Sure, engraved wedding invitations look elegant and chic, but nobody will really pay attention to the invites’ design, so the printed versions will be ok as well. Internet offers the great range of cheap wedding invites. Moreover, in case you are having the casual wedding, you may simply print the invites on your home computer on the special fancy paper sold in the stationery stores.


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