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10 Fun Wedding Ideas To Indulge Your Inner Child

Wedding is such a grown up affair so if you are feeling really not very comfortable with this whole thing but for some reason think you must go through with it (the party/reception, not marriage mind you) then there are these fun wedding ideas to consider for your wedding to indulge your inner child and make the whole thing more pleasant and informal.

Wedding Ideas For Your Inner Child

Cotton candy maker


Ice Cream Truck

Food is great and should be available but an ice cream truck serving all the different flavors with delicious toppings that you can order off of every ten minutes, are you kidding me? The only word of advice is not to overeat it before honeymoon because with cold desserts you always run the risk of getting a sore throat.

Cotton Candy Machine

In case ice cream is not your thing you can replace with a cotton candy professional who will create cotton candy right on spot for you and your guests.

Bounce House

A bounce house is a great addition to the reception and not only for the kids. Adults can too remind themselves of childhood and the fun to be had in a bounce house. It can also break the ice and let guests do something while you’re shooting photos.

Ball pit

Oh My Honey photoshoot

Ball Pit

Can’t  or won’t have a bounce house? Get a ball pit instead and have equal amount of fun.

Party Games

This one’s tricky. Party games can be pretty dumb and embarassing but if you commit to finding the ones that are both interesting to you and fun to play with guests.

Helium Toasts

Embarassed by all the social protocol that goes into a wedding? How about hearing your parents toast your new family after inhaling helium? Sounds way more fun right? This is also a great remedy for longer toasts. Don’t forget to record that on video to get lots and lots of laughter for years to come.


Dress As Superheroes

Dressing as your favorite superheroes under all that formal attire is a fun fun way to spend a photoshoot and talk to guests about their

Feed Horses or Other Animals

If you love horses or other animals you could make a farm or a ranch your wedding venue and hang out with the animals, feeding them and taking pictures like this city couple did.


Have Confetti

Fun doesn’t have to end with flower girls mellowly throwing rose petals while you’re walking the aisle. Have a confetti bar so that your guests can mix it up or give out confetti poppers in spades to allow your guests celebrate each and every aspect of your wedding.

Candy Bar For Favors

Instead of giving out favors have empty bags and a candy bar ready for your guests to pick and choose their favorite candy to take home with them.

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