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How to Wear Wedding Headpieces

Bridal headpiece
The bridal headpiece is the finishing touch to the whole bridal look. This wedding accessory is able to add the chic and completeness to bride’s image on this very special day. The headpieces come in the several types. The right beautiful headpiece can really make the difference to the way you appear on your wedding day.

There is always a high attention dedicated to the wedding day in general including the bridal headpiece. By wearing the headpiece like tiara, veil or crown, the bride emphasizes the importance of her role on this important day.
The main function of the headpieces in the wedding ensemble is attracting attention to the bridal’s hairstyle and makeup. They have to match with the bride’s wedding gown and the rest of the accessories including the shoes, purse and jewelry in order to create the consistent look.

Selection of certain headpiece depends on several factors like the hairstyle, budget and own taste. You should keep in mind that online retailers can offer the lower prices than the bridal shop, where the cost is usually excessively increased.
Before paying for the headpiece, make sure that the size will suit your head. Also, don’t forget about the hairdo: the majority of wedding hairstyles require the larger tiaras or combs. Otherwise it will either squeeze your head or simply get off.

The major part of the headpieces are made from the metal. Besides being styled as the comb, some tiaras and headbands may have the small combs at the ends for the better fixing on the bride’s hairdo and keeping it where it is supposed to.
Today one of the most popular headpieces is the tiara. Back in the ancient days people wore tiaras as a symbol of power. Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most well known collectors of tiaras. But nowadays wearing tiara became accessible to the brides.

Besides being the stylish and beautiful accessory, the headpieces are able to create the theme of your outfit. The floral headpiece would perfectly match the soft bridal look, while the period-styled tiara or headband would ideally complete the Victorian-inspired look.

Types of headpieces

Tiaras can be made from the different materials like gold or silver and can be adorned with colored stones and crystals. Tiara is very versatile and could be ideally coupled both the elegant up-do and with the short hair.
According to the popular belief, brides were traditionally wearing the veil in order to conceal from the demons. The contemporary brides wear veil to honor the traditions and accentuate their wedding gowns.
Brow band
This headpiece is usually pinned to the sides or come with the comb in the back. It is presented in the great variety of colors and styles and can be worn even without the veil.
They are intended for holding back the hair. As for the decorations, they are usually embellished the same way as tiaras.
Brow band

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