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Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

A bouquet is considered to be one of the important expenses in a wedding budget but there are ways of saving money on those or simply opt for something more durable or unusual than live flowers. Beside being budget-friendly such bouquets can be DIY.

Flower-less Bouquet Alternatives

Fruit Bouquet

A fruit bouquet is a great way to step away from tradition but still have live flowers mixed with berries, fruit, or even veggies. This is a great way of having a fragrant bouquet that you can snack on.

Sweet Treats

A bride with a sweet tooth will love the idea of a wedding bouquet made of sweets. Marshmallows look perfect for the occasion but a more popular choice is swirl lollipops decorated with a matching ribbon.

Beads & Jewels

Beaded or jeweled bouquet is durable. It can stay with you forever and ever and always look the same. Colorful and sparkly it can be made of any shape you like. The drawback of such bouquets is weight as wire, beads, and jewels can be very heavy. If you don’t want it to be very heavy you can opt for colorful felt decorated with buttons, pins, and brooches.


Speaking of weight feathers weight almost nothing so if you want something airy in your hand opt for feathers that match your wedding color scheme. You can also use feathers to decorate you paper/fabric flower bouquet.

Pom Pom Bouquet

A pom pom floral bouquet is nothing new though you can opt out of real flowers and choose paper, fabric, and ribbons to make your pom pom bouquet.


A fan, a parasol, or an embroidered sack bag can be great accessories and alternatives to a wedding bouquet. Make sure you are comfortable with carrying any of these items before the wedding.

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