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Top Wedding Flowers Tips

Flowers are able to transform and beautify any wedding ceremony and venue. Besides, elegant bouquet in bride’s hands became a number one accessory of any bride. We have prepared the list of top tips on wedding flowers to help you embody your most cherished wedding flowers fantasies.

Wedding flowers tips

Don’t have prejudices about certain flower types
Don’t stick to the certain flower type for your wedding arrangements. Besides, you may not even have them available during this period like yellow peonies are not available in August. On the other hand, there are plenty of other flower types available the year-round including roses, hydrangeas, carnations, callas and orchids, which are amongst the most popular ones. Performing just a bit of researching in this regard will protect you from unrealizable planning.
Make the wedding flowers special
The good idea is personalizing your wedding flowers. One of the options is wrapping your wedding bouquet with the beloved handkerchief or putting your grandmother’s brooch. Think about it, maybe you and your fiancé have symbolic items like the small chains that you can tie to your wedding bouquet.

Colors of flowers are not precise
Remember, the flower bouquets you used to see on the monitor of your computer do not look the same in reality. Consult with your florist regarding the different undertones of distinct flower types. For instance, many flowers have undertones that make them stand out when combined with other tones.

Wedding flowers

Give the priority to your wedding bouquet
Don’t tend to underestimate the importance of the bridal bouquet since this floral item will follow your all day long and will become an inalienable part of your bridal look.

Keep to the one particular hue
In case you are short on budget, opt for the monochromatic color scheme and I guarantee it will impress your guests. The monochromatic color scheme doesn’t only looks more structured, but also gives the impression of really thought-out preparation.

Wedding flowers
Find the right florist for you

The first meeting with the florist should be held in the atmosphere of fun. Besides, you both will figure whether you have a connection that will help you two in the future successful collaboration. The important thing is to see that your florist really understands your ideas and is as excited about your wedding as you are.

Opt for the safer flowers
Keep in mind that some flower types tend to hold the color and shape better than others. Consult your florist to figure what flowers do preserve better.


Decide on the budget
As a rule, those meetings where the budget is not stated tend to be pointless and unproductive. So, the budget is a key at your first meeting with the florist.

Get inspired

Find one item that would serve as an inspiration of your wedding day. It could be your mother’s antique brooch or china. Hand it to the florist as soon as possible so he could start the creativity process.


Save on bridesmaids’ bouquets
If you have a limited budget, you should come up with priorities. Bridesmaids’ bouquets could not be as perfect as yours. Usually they tend to be of a smaller size and look simpler, what makes them budget-friendly. Besides, maybe you should reconsider the amount of bridesmaids if they are over 12.



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