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Choose Wedding Flowers Based On Their Meanings

Pionies and Chrysanthemums Bridal BouquetWedding flowers that remain key decorative elements at any wedding are very symbolic. It is no wonder that it is hard to decide on what blooms to use on a wedding day with all abundance of flower types and colors. One of the ways is finding the meanings of each flower to bring a symbolism with your flower arrangements.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings

Personal meaning

Traditional relationship between a man and a woman is always accompanied with flowers that a man used to give to his beloved one. So you can add a hint of nostalgia into your bridal bouquet by opting for the same flowers you received on your first date or your birthday.

Bridal Bouquet
Peonies and Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Historical Meaning

During the Victorian era, in the epoch of corsets, people used to give meaning to the flowers. So the ceremony of giving flowers had a deeper meaning behind it since people were sending messages with their flowers of choice. Regardless the fact that a lot of time has passed since those days, you can still base you flower choice on the meaning they carry.

Wedding Centerpieces
Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Individual Flower Meaning

Emotions are many-sided as well as feelings. There are a lot of ways to describe your feelings, which could be reflected in the the meanings of certain flower types. To name a few are the red amaryllis plant with its “worth beyond beauty” meaning, carnations and chrysanthemums symbolize faithful love, yellow iris stands for passion, while blue iris represents hope for the future.

Wedding Bouquet
Peonies and Roses Wedding Bouquet

And of course everyone knows that an utterly popular choice – red roses – are the symbol of true love. Orange roses in turn stand for passion, while pink roses represent friendship. In case you cannot decide on one type, consider mixing them all together to come up with the bouquet that will symbolize an array of feelings and emotions.

Make sure not to use yellow carnations on your wedding day, which are believed to symbolize scorn.

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