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Cheap Wedding Flower Ideas

As the common cost of the weddings in the United States increased to more than $20,000 to $40,000 in larger cities like New York, brides tend to come up with the creative ways of wise money spending and find the budget-friendly wedding ideas. We decided to demonstrate you how to have the cheap wedding flowers that will still look stunning and impressive.

How to save on wedding flowers

Opt for the flowers that are easily available. Tell your florist about the limited budget and ask them to offer you the low-cost options.

Wedding-flowersBe flexible and don’t stick to the particular flower type. Inform your florist about the overall wedding style and color palette, also mention that flower you don’t want to see categorically and let them create whatever they think would best suit both your budget and wedding style.

Having the wedding before or after the key religious holidays like Christmas and Easter will allow you to save on church decorations.Wedding-flowersFlowers in February tend to be more expensive owing to the Valentine’s Day.

The large-scale altar arrangements are placed too far so guests will barely see them. So, you can use the inexpensive flower types in them or flowers with the large filling features.

wedding-flowersSome of you might want to use the same flowers both on the ceremony and on the reception. But keep in mind that a lot of churches and worship houses insist on leaving the flowers. Besides, florist also don’t like the idea of moving flowers from one place to another for couple reasons: 1. Arrangements can be damage during transportations, 2. It reduces their charges. Also, make sure the flowers arrive to the reception on time.

Picturesque venues like parks and gardens don’t require much decorating.Wedding-flowersCheck out whether someone already booked the same venue. This way you will be able to split the cost of flowers.

Carnations belong to the cheapest flower types. Even though a major part of people hate them, you can still use them in your flower arrangements as a filling material.

Wedding-flowersFind places where you can rent the large-scale potted plants like ficus and palms. They will work great as the space filling elements and will help you to frame the ceremony site. Remember, large flower arrangements are more costly than renting the potted plants. Moreover, if you decide to purchase some, they will become your first home decorating elements.

Wedding-flowersA lot of brides nowadays tend to make their own flower arrangements: they simply tie the flowers with the ribbon. Placing the pillar candles on the top allows creating the simple and inexpensive centerpiece. Another way to create the cheap centerpieces is filling the low bowls with water and placing the few gerber daisies inside.

As for the corsages and boutonnieres, you may order them from the florist still they are not that costly.Wedding-flowersOne of the options is ordering the flowers from the online wholesale store, which provides the low prices on flowers. But in this case you will do all the preparation work yourself such as cutting and cleaning them. Moreover, there is a risk of their fading before the wedding day.


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