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Accent Plants For Whimsical Wedding Bouquet

What bride doesn’t want a perfect bouquet that includes all of her favorite flowers, colors and textures? Even if you want a classic rose bouquet you can still add a few stems of these whimsical fillers and accent plants to make your bouquet stand out and draw attention.

Making Whimsical Wedding Bouquet With Accent Plants

Lotus pod bouquet

Fiddlehead Fern

Fiddleheads are amazing and whimsical-looking. If you want to create a fairy tale-like wedding these are just the right plants to make your bouquet look out of this world. These purple decorative furled tips of young fern are used extensively in bouquets and floral centerpieces together with roses, orchids, Calla lillies, and other flowers.

Lotus Pods

Lotus seed pods have quite an unusual look. Used in both green and dried state these make for incredible accents in a floral arrangement but they can also be used in a bouquet on their own as flowers. The pods look great together with fiddlehead fern, with various green fillers, and succulents.

Green Trick Dianthus

Green trick is an amazing accent plant. Looking like a green pompom it makes for a great addition to almost any bouquet in white or yellow color palette.


If you want to add a bit of a rough teture to the bouquet you can opt for gumnuts. These are fun little capsules/seed pods that add an irresistible mysterious alllure to the floral arrangements. They can be paired with roses and protea, berries and greens.

Silver Brunia

If on the opposite, you want to add spherical shapes to your wedding bouquet but afraid they’ll get eaten during the day silver brunia is just perfect as a wedding bouquet accent. The round berry-shaped plant comes in a beautiful silver color that complements many flowers like roses, anemones, and dahlias. They are also perfect for winter bouquets and centerpieces.

Scabiosa Pods

Scabiosa pods are small plants that are sometimes called pincushion flowers. They look like ball-shaped flower clusters and go well with roses, tulips, and ranunculus as well as various fillers and greens.

The best way to make your bouquet look whimsical is to add a few of these accent plants or use them as fillers. You can do it yourself or let the professionals make a perfect arrangement for you. These are also great for making statement boutonnières,


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